Sunday, October 16, 2011

psssttt sneaking

Snobs Book!
Bookbinding with Aena and we will upload more pictures soon :)


  1. Heyya! It's Jia Ming from Urban Village last Saturday. (From Jiam & Co) I nearly thought I lost your contact card but I managed to find it somehow. :D I don't suppose you have an FB page for Snobs? Your little purses look really cute!! Anyways, hope to keep in contact with you guys. Cheers!

  2. Heyyoo Jia Ming! Hey sorry for this late reply, been busy and slightly forgot to update a few new things :/ Waaa so terharu u still managed to find us here :D. A small surprise we already have a page on Fb! do check it; sisters craft and oh we'd changed the name to Sisters Craft since I thought Snobs sounds too harsh for a business's name hihi. Thank you Jia, we will look forward for a new designs for the purses. :D